Best Kind Of Fencing For Your Home


Installing quality fencing around your Tauranga home can be very beneficial to you and your family. Your fence will not only serve as a boundary marking for your property, but it will also provide privacy, security, sound mitigation, wind protection and even enhanced aesthetics to your property. But it’s worth noting that you’ll realise these benefits and more only if you choose the right kind of fencing for your home. To help you do this, we’ve prepared a short guide on fencing options in Tauranga, NZ.

Choosing the Best Fencing for Your Tauranga Home

The most common types of fencing in Tauranga are: wood, aluminium, steel, stone/concrete, and vinyl/PVC. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons and you need to weigh these before you decide.

Wood fencing not only offers that beautiful natural appearance, but is also very versatile and the best option when it comes to implementing custom designs and decorations. This type of fencing can be cheap or expensive depending on the timber and the installer; but its main disadvantage is its need for regular (yearly) maintenance and the fact that it weathers easily and may suffer damage due to insects, rot and weather.

Aluminium fencing Tauranga is lightweight and much cheaper than steel and wrought iron. This form of fencing tends to be good looking and doesn’t corrode. It has become a popular option for temporary fencing around construction sites, and can be a great choice for pool fencing. However, its lightweight nature means that it may not be a good choice if you’re looking for a security fence.

High-tensile steel fencing is sturdy and adaptable, and is naturally the most durable choice. This type of fencing is also quite versatile and can be shaped and custom designed to complement your home. What’s more, steel fencing is aesthetically appealing and a great option for decorative purposes. The only problem is its initial cost of installation, which is typically higher than that of other forms of fencing.

Stone, brick or concrete fencing is another popular option that you can implement in your home. These materials are some of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing that you could ever find; and a well-designed stone, brick or concrete fencing can really boost the look and value of your home. This type of fencing is also very good at providing privacy, security, and noise mitigation. However, building one can be expensive and labour intensive.

Vinyl/PVC fencing is a low maintenance fence option that can be custom designed to imitate wood or other material. Vinyl and composite come in numerous hues to complement any home and will never require painting. These materials are child friendly, easy to clean, and won’t split, crack or rot or become damaged due to insects or weather. They are also fire resistant. Nonetheless, vinyl fencing tends to cost more upfront than wood and its brittle nature means it’s liable to damage. The fact that you cannot alter its appearance once installed may also prove to be a huge disadvantage.

Aside from the fence material and cost, you should consider several other factors including your goals, budget, local zoning codes and the gates you want to install. What is your main goal – privacy, security, or aesthetic appeal? What is your budget? What do local building regulations require in terms fencing? Will the gates that you want to install match and/or complement your fence? You need to consider this when looking for glass balustrades in Tauranga.

Make sure you choose gates that match your fencing style. Electronic gates Tauranga options can be a great asset to invest in. Not only do they add style and value to your home, but they can also ensure your family or business is safe whilst giving you a strong sense of security. Automated gates Tauranga fixtures allow you to open or close your gate while enjoying the convenience of staying in your vehicle. They can be a great choice if you’re less mobile (due to disability), or if you live on a busy street.

Tauranga Balustrades & Gates: Custom Automated Electric Gates and Aluminium Fencing In Tauranga

Tauranga Balustrades & Gates manufactures supplies and installs high-quality, durable and safe balustrades, aluminium fencing, electric automated gates, security fences and pool fences for both domestic and commercial applications in Tauranga. All our aluminium Tauranga installations, automated gates Tauranga and electronic gates Tauranga security fixtures are custom designed to suit your needs and location – no matter the size or shape. To talk through the styles and designs that are best for your property, call one of our experts today. Visit our websites at for more details.


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