5 Tips for Getting Your Pool Ready for the Summer


Opening a pool for the hot New Zealand summer should be a low-stress event for the whole family. As long as the householder does some winter prep by covering the pump and pool, opening day should be trouble-free. Below are several tips on preparing your Tauranga pool for a season of summer sun!

Remove Leaves and Other Debris

Upon cleaning a pool before summer, a householder may find dirt, leaves, and other buildups in the area. Before removing a pool cover, remove debris from the deck and the cover itself. If there is water on the pool cover, pump it out to prevent it from contaminating the pool.

Take Off the Cover

Once the cover is removed, it should be cleaned and dried before storage. If there is enough room, spread the cover and rinse it thoroughly before allowing it to dry. Before storing it, sprinkle a bit of talcum powder to prevent sticking or binding. Be sure to store the pool cover in the coolest area possible.

Check the Pool’s Water Level

The next step is to check the water level in the skimmer. For the pool pump to work correctly, the water should be up to the middle of the skimmer’s opening. Add water if necessary, and check ladders, diving boards, slides, handrails, and glass pool fencing Tauranga for loose fasteners and other unsafe conditions.

Check the Water pH

After the pump has run for at least eight hours, the householder should check the water’s alkalinity, hardness, and pH level. Collect the sample in an area away from the pump’s inlet, and test the water according to the directions given with the test kit. Add chemicals in the correct order to bring the water to the proper balance.

Assess Safety Measures and Supplies

The final step is to check all safety and support items for pool safety. Every pool should have a fully stocked first-aid kit, and cleaning equipment should be in good condition. Gates and latches should be secured to prevent unauthorised access during times when the pool is not in use. Pool fencing or safety gates are a local authority specified requirement for all pool owners. If you are unsure if your pool meets the necessary requirements just contact Tauranga Balustrades and Gates. They can help you decide what type of gate, fencing or balustrades work best for the size of your pool. Contact them on www.balustradesandgatestauranga.co.nz for more information and get the safest, most styish fencing for your Tauranga pool.


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